Individual Consult to Conduct a Desk Review of Migration in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa – (294)

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Individual Consult to Conduct a Desk Review of Migration in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa - (294)

  • Post Date:March 5, 2021
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Job Description

Category: Consulting, International, Procurement
Job Type: Contract
Career Level: Staff
Education: Master’s Degree
Travel: Up to 25%

Job Description

CNFA seeks a consultant who can conduct a desk review of migration in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

About Amalima Loko

Amalima Loko is a new USAID-funded 5-year program implemented by CNFA and 5 partner organizations which applies community-driven approaches to improve food security, nutrition, and natural resource management in over 80 communal wards in Matabeland North.

Study Objectives

The purpose of this proposed research is to have an in-depth study through desk reviews and remote discussions, of regional migration – causes, motivations, impacts, stakeholders, etc. – that begins to address information gaps based on available information and makes recommendations to guide future project research related to migration and remittances. Due to the COVID-19 disruptions and dynamic and evolving impact that the pandemic is having on migration and remittances, the Amalima Loko team expects the desk review to provide a useful insights, but not fully address all migration-related info gaps at this time. Amalima Loko is also conducting an internal field-based study on remittances, which this desk review will compliment by providing an academic perspective on the relationship between migration and remittances and the regional impact of COVID-19 on remittance flows. This desk review will also enlighten cross-cutting areas such as gender and resilience and indicate additional alignments with other areas of the project, e.g. GYSD, youth landscaping, and livelihoods.

Research or secondary data is insufficient to address migration issues, particularly with the current COVID-19 environment in terms of how it may have changed migration patterns and what impact it has produced and will produce in the future. Research and information from consultations with Amalima Loko staff, partners, and GYSD studies will also complement this desk review.

A greater understanding of migration will inform future research, e.g., to include improved migration procedures with support systems for potential migrants, and increased remittances and funds transfers. These earnings and transfers contribute to increased diversified income streams household assets in the targeted project area, as well as investment in community priorities (e.g. maintenance of water infrastructure such as dams and boreholes). An internal, field-based study on remittances will be conducted concurrently with the desk review. The desk review will assist to inform and contextualize the outputs of the internal remittance study.

Period of Performance / Timeline:

This is largely a remote assignment. However, remote discussions with individuals and groups will be conducted, provided the stakeholders have access to Internet. The assignment will be conducted in March or April for a duration no exceeding 21 working days, including desk review, discussions, data analysis and presentation and report write ups.


The consultant will be responsible for submitting the following documents in a final report. This should include:

  • An inception report outlining the proposed methodology and work plan. (This will be submitted to the designated Amalima Loko point of contact within 7 days of the start of the assignment for approval)
  • A desk-based review of existing information and sources, including secondary data, on migration in Zimbabwe and southern Africa. This will include:
    • A listing of research tools and sources for data collection and analysis.
    • Excel tables, bibliography, and structured questionnaires used to communicate with stakeholders
  • Final Report, of no more than 30 pages, including analysis of key findings, incorporating information from secondary sources and feedback from the relevant stakeholders. The report should include:
    • Executive summary of key findings as related to the research questions noted above
    • Introduction
    • Objectives and research questions
    • Methods and sources of research
    • Findings/Results and implications that would inform further research studies on migration as related to gender, youth, livelihoods and remittances
    • References and Annexes, as appropriate
  • A PowerPoint presentation of initial findings to be presented remotely to Amalima Loko staff
  • An electronic Google folder of all materials, tools, sources, etc.

Job Requirements


External consultant with specialized knowledge of migration

  • Excellent research skills
    • Problem identification, critical thinking, and analysis of information from different sources
    • Research techniques, using descriptive, correlational, and comparative research sources
    • Proven ability to search for, locate, extract, organize, evaluate and use or present relevant information
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders, including project beneficiaries and local government
  • Existing network of migration professionals at the organizational level, e.g. IOM, UN, etc. preferred
  • Experience in Southern Africa region preferred, particularly Zimbabwe
  • Excellent oral, presentation, and written communication skills. Experience producing high-quality, professional written reports
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field of Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Research or related field; Master’s degree preferred;


  • Fluency in spoken and written English is essential.

Qualified candidates, especially women are encouraged to send their applications.


It is the policy of CNFA to provide equal employment opportunity to all persons, regardless of age, race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, membership or non-membership in an employee organization, veteran status, or on the basis of personal favoritism or other non-merit factors, except where otherwise provided by law.