Development of a Communication Strategy

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Development of a Communication Strategy

  • Post Date:March 18, 2021
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Job Description

The ARDCZ is a body corporate recognised by the Rural District Councils Act 29:13 which forms the legal basis of rural self-governance in the country. It was established in July 1993 following the abolition of the dual and racially based system of Rural Councils and District Councils that had formed Zimbabwe’s rural local government system since before independence.


Sustainable Developmental Local Governance


To advance and safeguard the rights, powers and duties enjoyed by the Rural District Councils and to promote local government and its role in development and service provision.


In pursuance of its mission the Association of Rural District Councils of Zimbabwe (ARDCZ) acknowledges the following broad objectives:

  • Enhancing the role and status of Rural District Councils;
  • Transforming local government in rural Zimbabwe to enable it to fulfil its developmental role;
  • Ensuring the full participation of women in local government affairs;
  • Strengthening the relevance of national policy affecting local government.

The ARDCZ also assumes responsibility for:

  • Representing, promoting and protecting the rights and interests of Rural District Councils;
  • Advocating for appropriate and supportive policies for sound local government practices;
  • Disseminating local government information and promoting education on rural local government matters;
  • Providing a forum for the sharing of experiences and lessons learned within the RDCs;
  • Facilitating collaboration between and among members, government and any other body or association having as its objectives the advancement of local government;
  • Scrutinizing actual and draft legislation affecting the constitution, scope, rights, duties, powers and privileges of Rural District Councils and making such representations as may be deemed desirable;
  • Providing advisory and other services to Rural District Councils.

Introduction and Background

The ARDCZ is the voice of Rural Local Government in Zimbabwe with a clear mandate to protect and safeguard our member local authorities. In short, we are under a necessary obligation to drive agendas that are sector-led. Communication is vital in ensuring that we achieve this objective for our members. We desire to improve the way we communicate, ensuring we focus on the things that matter to our Councils. In this context, we envisage enhancing the visibility of our Rural District Councils by communicating to the world the achievements, innovations and stories of change. We anticipate to deliver information that our members will find insightful, useful, and timeous, delivering campaigns with clear objectives measuring impact and outcomes representing our membership at various forms and promoting RDCs in the media.

Objectives of the Assignment

Develop a communication strategy aimed at increasing the visibility of the Association to its stakeholders and to improve awareness and knowledge on local government in Zimbabwe.

Assignment Tasks

Under the guidance of ARDCZ, the specific tasks of this assignment include the following:

  • Conduct a diagnostic review of the current state of communication in the organisation. The process should focus on identifying the organisation’s spokesperson, key messages, audiences and the appropriate tools in use and the respective feedback mechanisms;
  • Develop a communication policy for the organisation informed by the diagnosis articulating the procedures and guidelines for internal and external communication;
  • Develop long and short communication objectives and strategies for ARDCZ to enhance local governance awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the general public, of key stakeholders in the government, private sector, civil society, etc. at the national and local levels;
  • Develop and elaborate a communication plan that elaborates communication projects the Association should implement to achieve communication objectives and strategies;
  • Specify appropriate communication tools, dissemination methods and media to effectively communicate key messages to identified audiences;
  • Outline a media engagement strategy (Reactive and Proactive);
  • Develop a monitoring, evaluation and learning strategy for the organisation’s communication strategy.

The company/consultants will work closely with ARDCZ as well as consult widely with membership (Rural District Councils), relevant Government Departments and Development partners that focus on local governance.

Expected Deliverables

The following are the expected assignment deliverables:

  • An inception report detailing the process of the development of the strategy;
  • A communication policy;
  • A communication plan;
  • Media Engagement Strategy;
  • An outline of the communication strategy;
  • Strategy validation workshop with stakeholders and incorporation of inputs.
  • A final version of the Communication Strategy and costed Action Plan, incorporating comments on the first draft.

Required Experience

It is expected that Companies as well as individuals can pool expertise under one Proposal and undertake this assignment.
The company/consultant (s) should:

  • Demonstrate prior experience in developing a communication strategy, ideally in the development context;
  • Have a good understanding of local government issues in Zimbabwe;
  • Have at least five (5) years of progressively advanced experience in strategic communications, public advocacy, which must include developing communications and advocacy strategies at the global, regional or national level;
  • Have relevant experience in working with government and/or international organizations on consultancy assignments, especially in strategic communications planning;
  • Have excellent proven written and spoken English and strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Some knowledge of local language is going to be an advantage.

Timing and duration

The duration of the assignment will be for 60 working days.

To apply

Interested consultants should submit a detailed technical and financial proposal on the basis of following points:

  • A letter of interest stating why you are eligible for the assignment;
  • A Technical and Financial proposal which should include a description of the proposed methodology to be used, a schedule of planned activities;
  • Detailed budget including professional fee (in USD). For communication materials to be developed subsequent to the development of the strategy, an indication of unit costs should be provided;
  • CV of the professional to undertake the assignment including a summary of similar assignments undertaken previously;
  • At least 3 references of previous mandates; Samples of materials that have been produced as well as samples of Community Strategies developed.

Please send Technical and Financial proposals to [email protected] and [email protected] cc [email protected]

Deadline: 26 March 2021